Our Speakers

James I Bond

– Behavioral Management Specialist

Talk Title: Influence, Persuade, and Sell Using “Sticky” Phrases

James I. Bond is one of America’s leading behavioral management specialists, and author of the award-winning book, BRAIN GLUE – How Selling Becomes Much Easier By Making Your Ideas “Sticky.”

For thirteen years he ran one of Southern California’s leading behavioral management firms, working with a who’s who of American business.

Early in his career, he ran an advertising agency in Montreal, working with a wide range of Fortune 500 and smaller firms.

He is a workshop leader and past workshop chairman for the resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, has been a featured guest speaker at three Southern California universities, and has been a popular guest on a wide range of marketing and business podcasts.

He is also the founder of The Father-Daughter Project, helping improve the relationships between fathers and daughters worldwide.

Jim Carbaugh

– Speaker, Educator, Coach

Talk Title: LEARN how to win back your class

Jim is a lifelong learner with over 33 years of experience in the educational field and 45-plus years as an outdoor enthusiast. His diverse background includes coaching, teaching, administrator, registered Maine guide, outdoor TV personality, personal health advocate, and entrepreneur. Jim has faced and overcomes challenges throughout his life, such as adapting to dyslexia, transforming multiple sports programs, and fostering a positive educational culture in classrooms and schools. He has a track record of guiding and empowering others toward success and is dedicated to helping individuals refocus their direction in life, grow, and add value to others. Jim is currently writing and anticipating his first book release in early 2024. He is also actively guiding and Teaching Leaders How to Learn. Jim is a leadership trainer, facilitator, speaker, and educator who helps transform organizations by upgrading communications, systems, leadership, and culture. Jim believes in the power of servant leadership and is passionate about the mutual learning and growth we can achieve together. “There is a lesson to LEARN in every story.”


– Eye Surgeon, Lecturer, Business Leader

Talk Title: Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success

Founder and Medical Director of the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center since 1989, Dr. Emilio Justo has specialized in both general ophthalmology and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Justo has become renowned for his state-of-the-art laser-assisted refractive cataract surgery as well as laser-assisted blepharoplasty, having performed well over 40,000 of such procedures.

Dr. Justo was 1 of 10 out-of-state applicants accepted into the University of Michigan’s prestigious six-year accelerated pre-medical/medical program, earning both his M.D. and B.S. degrees by age 23. He began his private ophthalmology practice in the Phoenix metropolitan area at age 27.

In addition to his renowned medical ethics and surgical prowess, Dr. Justo is a business leader and real estate entrepreneur, as well as a public speaker and avid aficionado of University of Michigan football. He is blessed to be married for 20 years and raising 3 teenage children. Dr. Justo and his family love traveling the world, from Australia to Europe, and from Canada to Dubai, not to mention the Maldive Islands.

During his youth, Dr. Justo emigrated to the United States at 3 with his parents while escaping Communist Cuba searching for freedom, opportunities, and a better life. Dr. Justo was Valedictorian of his parochial high school, Andrean, in Merrillville, Indiana, and was awarded the Indiana State Good Citizen Award by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Jacia Kornwise

– Master Embodied Soul Coach

Talk Title: Grounding Your Way Through Fear

Jacia Kornwise is a Master Embodied Soul Coach and Facilitator of Embodied Transformational Experiences.   She has been working with humans as a counselor, coach, awareness, and embodiment leader for over 30 years to help them land in their bodies, listen to their inner guidance system,  find self-love, and acceptance, heal their trauma, and live their authentic purpose.  Jacia works utilizing coaching, the Rhythms of AcceptDance, 5 Rhythms, Breathwork, and Embodied awareness practices leading workshops, retreats, and online events for the past decades.   She currently resides in Chico where she established the Satori Healing Center for the past 23 years.  Jacia has worked with both private retreats, companies, events, speaking engagements, and online to help people come home to themselves to feel free and joyous, and alive.  She was a foundational creator of her local dance community and is well known for her commitment to truth.  Jacia received her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, and her master’s from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and certified with Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms as a teacher; as well as trained as a Shadow Coach with Debbie Ford.  She studied and is certified in various forms of Breathwork as well as Somatic Experiencing.  Jacia has lived through many traumatic experiences and found her way through and has a depth and breadth of wisdom to share.   It is her passion and mission to help others  She also has a playful spirit.     She is a Mom to her beloved 16 yr old son Devon and her adorable puppy Yoda.

Archi Marrapu

– Student, Entrepreneur, STEM Advocate

Talk Title: A Prescription for a Healthy Lifestyle

Meet Archi Marrapu, an exceptional 16-year-old innovator and entrepreneur who possesses an unwavering passion for technology and its potential to revolutionize healthcare. With a keen focus on leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Archi has embarked on a remarkable journey to transform the medical field. Her groundbreaking research and innovative projects in oncology and biomedical engineering have garnered global recognition and left a lasting impact.

In addition to her individual achievements, Archi is deeply committed to promotingSTEM education and empowering young girls and underrepresented communities. She actively engages in advocacy work, tirelessly working to bridge the gender and diversity gaps in the field. As a charismatic STEM evangelist and sought-after public speaker, Archi delivers inspiring keynotes that raise awareness about the transformative capabilities of technology in medicine and healthcare. Her goal is to advocate for equal opportunities and inspire the next genzeration to embrace STEM.

Archi’s exceptional contributions have earned her numerous accolades and prestigious awards, including the 2023 Student Achievement Award from the Washington Academy of Science, the 2023 Best Innovation Award from Future Young Leaders, and the 2021 Innovation Ambassador Award from CSTGIA. Her groundbreaking work has garnered significant attention from renowned publications such as “The Platform Magazine” and “Mosaicque Magazine,” amplifying her influence and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. Through her captivating storytelling and personal experiences, Archi emphasizes the critical role of innovation and AI in transforming healthcare outcomes. Her powerful TED talk serves as a catalyst for change, urging the audience to break down barriers and make a positive impact in the field of healthcare. Archi’s message resonates deeply, empowering individuals to embrace innovation, advocate for patient well-being, and improve medication adherence for better overall outcomes. Archi Marrapu’s journey serves as a shining example of how young minds can drive significant change through passion, dedication, and a commitment to improving lives through technology. Her tireless efforts and remarkable achievements inspire and motivate others to join the pursuit of creating a healthier and more equitable future for all.

Monica Parkin

– Author and Speaking Coach

Talk Title: The Secret Shame of Introverts

Monica Parkin is the author of the bestselling book “Overcoming Awkward, an Introvert’s Guide to Networking, Marketing and Sales”  which combines personal memoir with practical guidance and serves as a powerful testament to transformation for introverts seeking to overcome barriers and achieve success. Her writing has also been published in esteemed publications such as The Glass Hammer, The Business Post, and the Journal of Sales Transformation. Through these contributions, she continues to deepen the understanding and empowerment of introverts in various professional arenas.

As the host of the popular podcast, “Juggling Without Balls,” she fearlessly delves into the intricacies of life, work, and personal growth. With a blend of humor, insight, and genuine compassion, Monica explores the art of balancing multiple aspects of our lives without losing who we are. Through her conversations with people from all walks of life, she sheds light on the untapped potential within each of us.

What really sets Monica apart though, is her ability to connect deeply with her audience through humor, storytelling and vulnerability. She invites us to challenge the world around us, the create spaces that value our contributions and to embrace and celebrate the diversity of human personalities.

Corey Poirier

– bLU Talks Founder

Talk Title: How Schools Can Inspire Purpose

Corey Poirier is the host of the The Enlightened Passenger Show, and is a Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller. 

His book, The Book of WHY and HOW, has reached thousands of readers. 

He has interviewed over 6,500 of the world’s top leaders in his study around purpose and passion, and he has spoken on-site at Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, MIT, UCLA and to Microsoft team leaders. 

He is 2022 SUCCESS Emerging Entrepreneur, Humanitarian Hero Award Nominee, and a Rock Recording of the Year Nominee who has performed stand-up comedy at the famed Second City.

Nick Shelton

– Social Strategist

Talk Title: A creative solution to social anxiety

Nick Shelton is a best-selling author of the book “An Introvert’s Guide To World Domination” as well as a social strategist and coach for introverted career professionals. He has been fine-tuning the craft of effective, high-level social strategy and networking for over twenty years. Coupled with extensive research and eighteen years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Nick has successfully built a strong, international network of friends, colleagues, and associates while traveling to over 42 countries. He believes the quality of your life comes down to the quality of your relationships. Currently he teaches others how to easily navigate social events and situations with the goal of making real connections and building relationships that matter.

Sabrina Stratford

– Human Trafficking Abolitionist

Talk Title: Protecting Our Children from Online Predators

Sabrina, a former President of Colorado Springs Downtown Toastmasters, obtained the Impromptu Speakers and Distinguished Toastmasters Awards. She spent 25 years traveling the world building partnerships as a Global Business Development Manager for software companies including Microsoft and IBM. Building team agreement and success is part of her professional DNA. Her corporate presentations expanded to Improv Comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Stand-Up Comedy in the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado, and local theater. In 2021 her attention to the atrocities of modern slavery consumed her focus. She left the IT world to become the first domestic Project Manager to fight human trafficking with the non-profit, Love Justice International. She went to Anchorage Alaska to fight sex trafficking, boots-on-the-ground, and became the Property Manager for the transitional housing at Anchorage’s women’s emergency shelter, The Downtown Hope Center. This experience put her toe-to-toe with traffickers and introduced her to victims and survivors. She trained to be a Human Trafficking Transit Monitor at Alaska’s Ted Stevens International Airport and managed a team of 16 volunteers to join the fight. She gained deeper insights at The Alaska Department of Public Safety in the Sex Offender Registration Unit where she provided advanced paraprofessional support reviewing the criminal backgrounds of sex offenders working with law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, in Alaska and nationwide. Today, she empowers people in the fight against the greatest atrocity of our time, sex trafficking.

Dr. Mike Van Thielen

– Mentor, Bestselling Author, and International Keynote Speaker

Talk Title: The unconventional solution to improve your social skills

Dr. Mike Van Thielen, PH.D. HOLISTIC NUTRITION, PHYSICIAN, MENTOR and BIOHACKING EXPERT, BESTSELLING AUTHOR, INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE & MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, AND WORLD RECORD HOLDER in SWIMMING, has been involved in optimal health practices, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, sports performance, nutrition, supplementation, and biohacking for over three decades. 

Dr. Mike is an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, and he was presented with the CREA GLOBAL AWARDS 2023 honoree in recognition of his creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, and for his contributions to sustainability and mental health projects. Dr. Mike has been featured on the cover of Biohackers Magazine (Issue 22) and his IZOD Method™ has been featured on Fox, ABC, NBC, google news, and over 300 other channels.

Dr. Mike is a licensed physical therapist, a licensed acupuncture physician, and a doctor of Oriental Medicine, with certifications in injection therapy, homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. He also has a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition from the College of Natural Health. 

Besides being well-versed in various health applications, Dr. Mike Van Thielen also holds many business and marketing certifications. He has vast business experience and a proven track record of establishing and developing successful business operations. He has developed a Corporate Impact program and currently contracts with corporations to improve culture and significantly increase employee engagement, focus, and production while upgrading their body and mind.

Dr. Mike is the author of the revolutionary book “Health 4 Life – User Manual” (2014) and is featured in the book “Motivational Speakers America – The Indispensable Guide to America’s Business and Motivational Speakers” as a Top International Keynote Speaker alongside celebrities such as Les Brown and Brian Tracy. Dr. Mike also shared the stage with Darren Hardy, owner of Success Magazine, Nick Vujicic, Dr. Fab Mancini, Dr. Mercola, Del Bigtree, and many others. 

In 2020 he published “EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation) – The Invisible Threat” which was an Amazon best-seller in March of 2022. In December of 2023, Dr. Mike published “The IZOD Method™- Unleash Your Superpower” in which he discusses how to find purpose in life, optimize focus and productivity, free-up valuable time, and live stress-free while sharing the latest strategies and technologies to upgrade the body and mind.

Dr. Mike is a 2-time All-American and is a current World Record Holder in swimming. He holds 31 U.S. National Titles and 2 YMCA National Records. He is a proud member of the exclusive WSA – World Sports Alumni.

Gavin Vernon

– Enthusiastic learner, Entrepreneur

Talk Title: From Fat to Phat-Childhood Obesity and Self Esteem

Gavin Vernon is currently a rising freshman in Brownell talbot School located in Omaha, NE, He is a leader in many areas, such as being a founder of Non-profit organization with an aim to make the lives of many Myanmar refugees’ children greater by improving the school they go to. His goal is to help give the students bathrooms, as they don’t have any. He would also like to eventually bring desks into the classrooms, too, as they only sit on the floor. He also is a part of his school’s student council, having been elected 3 years in a row, and has helped in raising $5000 for a Valentine’s Day fundraiser, which will be used to add new playground equipment for the lower school children. The extra funds that were donated will give funding to each grade level for future high school endeavors. He is also a member of his school’s robotics team. His team had qualified to compete in the VEX World Championship that was held in Dallas, TX. He participates in a lot of sports at school, too. He plays for the school’s football team, and track and field. In football, he was a starting lineman, but he now aspires to play linebacker in the future. His events in track and field include: the 200-meter dash, the 400-meter dash, Shot Put, and Discus. Outside of school, Gavin loves boxing. He always tries to find time to fit in an extra lesson or hit the punching bag whenever he can. His favorite boxer is Muhammad Ali because he always had a snappy comeback when being interviewed. 

Lynn Zhuang

– Middle School Student

Talk Title: Two Steps To Digging Your Mountains

Hi! I’m Lynn Zhuang and I’m in sixth grade! I want to make a world where people see what they are capable of, by following two very easy steps. I chose this topic because I also struggled with this. In fifth grade I dropped out of many extra-curricular classes and could barely do anything. Therefore, I wish that with these two steps I came up with, people will push through challenges and face them with strength. First, they need to come up with an achievable, yet hard goal. Then, find the feeling of success by doing something they love. 

I live in a family of five (not including my grandparents), my dad, mom, sister, me, and the pet we don’t have yet. Since I was young, I always wanted a dog that was fluffy and clumsy, but my family says it’s too much work. My sister seems to always get on my nerves and I always end up yelling at her. She does things like playing the piano while I study, crying to get me in trouble, and plays bad music on Spotify. I like to play tennis, do archery, and play many instruments. Piano and guitar are the best ones I am playing so far, but I also want to play the violin. I love public speaking but my accomplishments are not very impressive. The only things I’ve gotten with it was getting MVP (most valuable player) in a debate and getting first in reciting a story in Chinese.

Tracy LaGuardia

Tracy LaGuardia has been a professional musician for 42 years. She is a native of Colorado Springs and has been a resident of the Denver area for those 42 years. A former private and public school music teacher, Ms. LaGuardia received her Bachelor’s Degree in music education from The University of Denver in 1985. Tracy taught for several years in the Denver and Cherry Creek districts. She is also a vocalist in many different performing groups. Ms. LaGuardia has been concertmaster of The Littleton Symphony, The Rocky Mountain Chamber Orchestra, and The Arapahoe Philharmonic. She has also performed with The Denver Symphony, The Colorado Springs Symphony, The Cheyenne Symphony, The Longmont Symphony, and many others. She performs in several country bands (playing at the Stock Show and Cheyenne Frontier Days), jazz groups, rock groups, and runs her own booking agency- A Touch of Class Music. Her agency specializes in weddings & she plays in many different chamber ensembles for ceremonies and receptions. 

She taught private violin & viola lessons for 30 years and was the conductor of the Colorado Youth String Orchestra from 1983-1999 and the AP Youth String Orchestras from 1999-2011. Tracy has guest-conducted several honor orchestras throughout Colorado.

As a freelance performer, Tracy has appeared with many stars, including Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Led Zeppelin, Lyle Lovett, Linda Ronstadt, Kenny Rogers, Sarah Brightman, Natalie Cole, Bob Hope, Doc Severinsen, John Tesh, Sandi Patti, Richard Marx, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Peter Gabriel, Kristen Chenoweth, Earth Wind & Fire, Little River Band, and Michael Buble.

Nick Rossi

Cellist, vocalist, conductor, composer, worship leader, pianist, banjo-er.
Composer of more than 400 sacred compositions in a variety of styles, including three musicals.
Director of Cantate, Mosaic, Chorus, and professional vocal ensembles.
Recorded five albums of original sacred works.
Author of the workshop/seminar “Genesis! … The Creative Process.”
Experience touring throughout the U.S., Italy, Germany, and Austria as a vocalist and cellist.
More than 40 years as director of fine arts ministries.