June 2025

Junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

April 2020

Certification Program at MIT Data Science and Machine Learning

2019 by Python Institute

Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer


Certificate Course on Cardiac Anatomy & Physiology

Interpersonal Skills
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Convolution Neural Networks
Java Script
English: Full Professional
Telugu: Professional
Hindi: Professional
Russian: Professional
Spanish: Limited

STEM Leader @ Maryland Stem Festival

Maryland | June 2022 - Current

• Responsible for developing and implementing STEM programs, coordinating STEM-related activities, and fostering a culture of innovation and problem-solving within their team.
• Collaborate with educators, industry partners, and policymakers to ensure that STEM education is meeting the needs of society and industry.

STEM Ambassador @Maryland Stem Festival

| MD | June 2019 – Current

• Engage with young people by conducting talks, workshops, and activities and inspire, encourage young people to learn about STEM subjects and pursue STEM careers.
• Serve as role models for young people by demonstrating a passion for STEM subjects and their application in real-world scenarios. help to bridge the gap between STEM education and the needs of

Innovation Ambassador @ Cyber & STEAM Global Innovation Alliance

| MD | February 2021 - Current

• Promote and facilitate innovation within an organization and foster a culture of innovation and help to drive business growth and competitiveness through the development and implementation of new products, services, and processes.
• industry and society, inspiring young people to pursue careers in STEM and contribute to the advancement of our world.

Research & Development Head @Sri Guru Deva Charitable Trust

India | February 2019 - Current

• Lead the development of new prosthetic technologies by conducting extensive research on AI and ML algorithms, prosthetic design, materials, and manufacturing processes.
• Creating and testing prototypes of low-cost prosthetics using AI and ML algorithms. Also work with the R&D team to develop prototypes that are functional, affordable, and accessible to a wide range of people.

Founder & President @ StemifyGirls

HERNDON, Virginia February 2019 - Current

STEMifyGirls is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that aims to empower young girls into STEM fields and close the gender gap. As the Founder & President, I conduct meetings, maintain communication between the Student Directors and Board of Directors, organize events, and make critical decisions.

Officer @ Technology Student Association

Chantilly, VA

I was selected as an officer in my school's Technology Student Association chapter and worked with the rest of our officer team to support the chapter.

Officer @ Russian Community Club


Officers at a Russian Community Club hold leadership roles involving administrative tasks, event planning, communication with members and external entities, promotion, fundraising, conflict resolution, and long-term planning, with a focus on fostering a sense of community, preserving Russian culture, and facilitating club activities.

Student Intern @ Health Innovation Hub

Ireland |June 2023 – Current

• Researched key issues in the medical field with a specific focus on female health issues
• Conducted a market analysis of current female health technology products in the market
• Observes gaps in the technology and products that aim to address female health technology problems

Student Researcher @ University of Virginia, BME Department

VA | June 2023 – Current

• Explored Agent-Based Modelling to channel tumor microenvironment
• Simulated tumor cell and immune cell interactions
• Mapped 3D tumor cell biological properties and interactions to a 2D platform while preserving biological elements

High School Intern @ Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

NH |June 2023 – Current

• Worked on a project utilizing NLP for uncertainty levels in pathology reports
• Evaluated if Deep Learning models outperform Regex models to output uncertainty levels
• Analyzed what kinds of reporting information coincide with uncertainty

Research Trainee @ Moffit Cancer Center

FL | June 2023 – Current

• Researched Artificial Intelligence applications in drug discovery.
• Utilized AI for Fragment Based Drug Discovery for KRAS oncogene inhibitors with the focus on lung cancer.
• Created computational models to analyze, extract, and improve